Yesterday I went out to a club with friends and it was fun. Definitely not a place for shy people. But I made a goal to go from the beginning of the 28 day project. I’m suprised i even went to one.

march 15

I’m seeing myself being less fearless, very happy with results so far. Today was my day of my speech and some students had the chance to present when we come back. I vounteered again and was the third person to stand in front and say my speech. I could of sat in my chair and said it but I didn’t. Proud of myself :)

Sunday, MARCH 11 

(On saturday my friends and I made a plan to go to the beach on sunday.) Sunday morning came up and we all was getting ready to head to clearwater. We left around two and when we arived we decided to dine. After dining we left, and my friend hit a curve and tore the tire. Knowing that I would need to ask help to strangers. For hours I was stuck in clearwater going up to people asking for help and talking with people. As small as it sounds it was a helpful way for me.

I pushed my self to volunteer in my English class, something i rarely do… I was the main person mainly participating. Glad to say this is benefiting me in two ways, I’m learning to open up and understand my class a little more.

first assigment week one

Last weekend, I decided to go out, so I meet up with friends who brought more people. My goal was to interact with anybody that I didn’t know. It went well nd meet new people.